Cream leather car seats

Soccersac car seat protector for cream leather seats

A surprising piece of customer feedback about Soccersac

We recently asked our customers 3 questions about what made them purchase a Soccersac.

We were not expecting this response.

"Under 7's rugby practice and cream leather seats".

Of course it makes sense when you consider why we created Soccersac.

Enabling parents to pick up muddy kids after football.

Football is not the only sport where the kids will get muddy! Doh!

We get it. 

Damp mud stained cream leather seats are not what anyone wants. We only had muddy kids after football in mind when we designed the seat cover.

In the review, our customer also mentioned the built in floor covering that is included in every Soccersac. This means Soccersac can protect the footwell from muddy boots and shoes. 💪

It is worth noting we would not recommend long usage patterns of Soccersac on cream leather seats. This is because the black nylon could itself leave rubbing marks on the leather.

For more information about our Soccersac, please head over to Soccersac

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