soccersac car seat cover extends into the seat well

What makes Soccersac football car seat protector unique?

There is one thing we want you to take away from this article 👉 know what makes our Soccersac football car seat protector unique.

We decided to write this after receiving a sales email from Amazon earlier.

The image below is a screenshot from the email where a set of similar car seat covers are offered. 


What struck us was: how would anyone decide which one to buy?

At Soccersac we were inspired to solve a specific problem for parents wanting to transport kids who played football in muddy pitches in their clean cars.

We knew the solution had to be (1) quick to put on (no faffing about with straps), (2) easy to remove & store (shove it quickly out of the way when used) and (3) do the actual job - prevent muddy wet stains being left on the seat and footwell.

When we looked at the seat covers advertised on Amazon none of them were able to do all 3 points.

Soccersac is the only waterproof car seat protector that conveniently extends into the car seat well area and is not made from towelling material!

Soccersac can also be put on the seat in less than 5 seconds and can be rolled up easily in less than 5 seconds.

We'll be posting a video shortly demonstrating how easy it is to use the Soccersac.

To buy your Soccersac follow this link 👉 



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