5 ways a car seat protector can be really useful

The original idea behind Soccersac was to help busy parents collect their muddy kids from football matches.

Since our launch, 2 years ago, we have collected some stories from our customers explaining how they have used their Soccersac to protect their car seats.

Here are the top 5 'alternative uses' for Soccersac seat covers:

  • Protecting car seats from loose rubble, soil and earth, after buying new plants from the garden centre.
placing a plant on the car seat


  • Carrying empty wine bottles to the recycling centre to avoid drips and spillages
bottles of wine for recycling
  • After visiting the gym preventing the car seats from getting sweat stains 

sweat marks on the back of a man

  • Protecting the rear car seats from children in their car seats, where the child car seat is fitted on top of the Soccersac. We mean from spillages and dirty shoe marks. Soccersac does not stop pressure marks from child seats.
a child's car seat on top of a back seat


  • After visiting the beach, stopping sand being left on the seat - very relevant if you are planning to visit the beach this Summer
sand left on a car seat


Want to know more about car seat protectors?

We've published a guide to car seat protectors. Read it here 👇


Interested in purchasing a Soccersac car seat protector? Buy it here 👇




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