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Car seat protectors: the complete guide

Got muddy kids or adults to transport in your lovely clean car?

In this guide we will:

1. highlight the range of problems that can be solved by having a car seat protector

2. provide a quick table on the range & prices of available car seat protectors on the market in the UK today

3. set out 10 things to consider if thinking of buying a car seat protector


Problems to be solved by using a car seat protector

  • Football Mums and Dads - Picking up kids, who are covered in mud after playing football, in a nice clean car that you don’t want to clean the sticky mud off afterwards.

  • Rugby Mums and Dads - Transporting wet and dirty kids after they have been playing rugby and you don’t want the car seats and footwell to get wet and caked in mud.

  • Grandparents and Carers - Its wet and cold outside and you just need to get dirty kids home in the car without getting mud all over your seats and mats.

  • Cyclists - You’ve just finished cycling with the kids and all of you are all dirty and splattered in mud. You need to drive back home and don’t have the energy or time to wash & clean everyone before getting into the car.

  • Anyone - You’ve been away for a day trip in the car and walked in some muddy tracks, and you don’t have spare shoes or clothes to stop the car and seats getting covered in mud or sweat stains for your journey home.

  • Puddle jumpers – you’ve been splashing in some lovely nice muddy puddles and you don’t want to bring the mud into your parent / carers car.

  • Anyone – been to the beach? Keep sand off the seats by using a seat cover or salt after a swim in the sea.

  • Hikers & runners – been out for a nice scenic hike or hill run? Keep any mud off your seats with a car seat cover.

  • Leased car “owners” - protect your seats by using a seat cover and potentially avoiding lease return costs.

  • Gym buddies – prefer to shower at home after a gym workout or sweaty class then no more sweaty marks or stains on your seats with instant car seat protection.

Don’t spot a problem to be solved?

Some of our customers have found imaginative uses for their car seat protectors. Find out more about how our customers are using their Soccersac car seat protectors 👇

Is there a wide variety of car seat protectors to choose from?

Yes, there are a few suppliers of car seat protectors in the UK.

Here is a quick list of some main providers of car seat protectors. We’ve ordered them by price (correct as at 20 Sep 2022):

 Walser Zipp-IT Allesandro seat cover £64.68
Fox car seat cover £49.99
Northcore waterproof car seat cover £34.95
Cosmos Carrera leatherlook seat cover £29.99
Soccersac waterproof seat cover £24.99
Muddy rug car seat rug £21.99
Sakura Camden seat cover £21.75


11 things to consider when buying a car seat protector

  1. Time to fit and remove

Ideally the quicker it takes to fit and remove the better.  

Consider straps, fittings and ties can all take time to fit to the seat.  We’ve designed Soccersac to be fitted and removed in less than 5 seconds without any straps, fittings or ties.

Coming soon, new video: how to fit Soccersac in under 5 seconds.

  1. Where to store when not being used?

Having to carry bulky, loose and dirty car seat covers can be really frustrating alongside everything else carried in the boot. Look for seat covers that can be conveniently stored in small places that can be quickly accessed.

  1. Does it need to be waterproof?

 Will you need to transport anything damp or wet which you don’t want to soak or soil your car seats?  If so, it might be worth check whether the seat cover is waterproof.

  1. Can it be washed?

 Some materials used for car seat covers are not suitable for domestic washing. If the cover is regularly used to transport muddy kids it’s likely that it will get stained and require washing.

  1. Will it interfere with airbags?

Airbags can be incorporated into seats and it’s really important that nothing constrains or restricts the airbags from inflating.

Soccersacs have been designed without any fastenings and therefore will not interfere with airbags.

  1. Can it extend down into the footwell

It’s likely that muddy kids will have dirty shoes, trainers or football boats which can leave the footwells covered in dirt, debris or mud.

Soccersac’s extend conveniently into the footwell to protect the carpet from mud and dirt.

  1. Can it be used on the reverse of the seat?

The rear side of car seats can very quickly get bashed, scrapped or covered in mud, especially by muddy kids. So it’s worth considering whether the car seat cover can be used in reverse as well.

  1. Will it fit on my seats in my car?

 Car seats come in a range of widths and heights.

 Most car seat covers are expandable and designed to fit a range of car sizes.

  1. Can seat covers be used on heated seats?

Car seat covers are not recommended to be used on heated seated because of the fabric and risk of fire.

There are some fabrics that can be used but they tend to be expensive and difficult to fit e.g. neoprine, spacer mech and rhino hide. Always check with the manufacturer on suitability for use on heated seats.

 We don’t recommend using Soccersac’s on heated seats. 

  1. Will it mark light coloured seats?

On lighter colours materials, dark coloured seat covers might rub and mark the seat. We would not recommend extensive usage of dark fabrics on light coloured seats.

11. Can a child car seat be fitted on top over the seat protector?

Check whether it is possible to safely fit a child car seat over the top of the seat cover. Double check that it does not interfere with the fastenings or connectors.

What makes Soccersac protective seat covers unique?

Read about our uniqueness here:

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