Soccersac car seat cover on a car seat

Are car seat covers worth it?

5 reasons a car seat cover is worth buying:

1. You've got kids to collect who are wet and muddy after football or rugby.

Under pressure to get the kids home and clean after their training or playing a match?

The easiest and quickest way is to have waterproof car seat covers that can quickly and easy be put over the seat and down into the seat well.

As soon as you get home, remove the seat cover, shake it and store for the next match or training session.

2. You want a more cost effective alternative to paying for car seats to be shampooed clean every month

Are you consistently staining, soiling your car seats and paying for your car seats to be shampooed clean?

Our research shows that on average it costs between £20-£50 each time the car seats are shampooed clean.

Instead, why not get car seat covers which extend into the seat well so that you no longer need to shampoo the seats and carpets regularly?

For a one-off cost, this could mean saving recurring cleaning costs.

And another benefit of not needing to shampoo the car seats? No need to wait hours for them to dry!

Our Soccersac waterproof car seat covers are available online for £24.99. Other brands are available.  We have written a guide to car seats which contains prices of other car seats available. You can read it here.

3. Preserve the resale value of your car - who would buy a car with seats that are heavily soiled and dirty?

Put simply, the second hand value of your car can be negatively impacted by having dirty, smelly and soiled car seats.

By protecting your car seats with seat covers, in the future the likelihood of a lower value/price caused by dirty smelly seats is reduced.

4. You want to transport a muddy wet dog

Want a quick and easy way to avoid the car seats getting covered in mud and dog hair?

Use an easy to fit car seat cover and protect the seats whilst transporting the dog.

Obviously we don't recommend using them for long trips and journeys.

5. Transporting kids around without having to wash the car seats after each trip 

Kids can easily spill drinks and food during car journeys.

Even worse, kids can get car sick.

Spilled drinks, food and sick can leave seats in a real mess and create unwanted smells in the car.

An easy solution is to use waterproof car seat covers to protect the seats from unwanted spills and food stains.

At the end of the journey, simply remove and shake off the debris, ready for re-use on the next trip.

Thinking of buying a waterproof car seat protector?

We've developed the Soccersac for busy parents who need to transport muddy kids.

You can find more information about our Soccersacs here 

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