Soccersac car seat protector fitted to a car seat

Best car seat protectors

Best car seat protectors: a Soccersac guide

This simple guide sets out what you need to think about when deciding on the best car seat protector.

The information in this guide comes from our customer reviews and what made us create Soccersac.

Top rating factor: easy to fit over the car seat

Our customers reviews consistently mention Soccersac being really easy to fit.

We specifically designed it to be fitted in less than 5 seconds with no complicated straps. 

Simply fit over the headrest and roll down across the car seat.

Other factors to consider for best car seat protector

1. Extending into the foot well

Described by customers as a "real bonus" we think if you need to protect the car seat from getting dirty it was highly likely that you would want to protect the carpet in the foot well.

Soccersac conveniently covers the foot well area as well.

2. Strong enough to protect against dirty hairy dogs

This was a bit of a surprise for us but we have seen reviews praising the ability of their car seat cover to be used to protect against dirty dogs.

Soccersac's are made from durable waterproof nylon. 

3. Ease of storage

Customers have also reported the ease of folding up and conveniently storing their set cover.

The design of Soccersac enables the cover to be rolled up and easily stored into the head pouch. Typically take less than 5 seconds once you get used to folding it up.

4. Ease of cleaning

Obviously for time pressured parents being able to clean has also featured in reviews.

By manufacturing Soccersac from nylon it is really easy to quickly wash at cold temperatures.

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