How to win the battle against muddy and messy car seats with kids

How to win the battle against muddy and messy car seats with kids

It’s a never-ending battle!

We know you're in the trenches, fighting the battle against the mess-making weapons your kids wield: muddy boots, sticky fingers, sandwich crumbs, spilled drinks, and those dreaded football boots.

It's a ‘battleground’ out there, and every time you climb into your car alone, you're hit with that faint smell of muck and the nagging reminder that it's time to clean the car. Again!

You are not alone.

We've been there, and we decided to tackle this problem head-on. That's why we designed the Soccersac – a waterproof, machine-washable car seat protector that's built for battle.

Soccersac is quick to fit, durable as hell, and easy to clean. We're talking:

  • 10-second installation: No more fiddling with straps or complicated setups.
  • Tough enough for post-practice messes: Your kids can throw their worst at it, and the Soccersac will keep on fighting.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat: Toss it in the machine, and it'll come out ready for another round.

Plus, the Soccersac fits all sizes of car seats and hooks right over the headrest.

Just slip it on, roll it down into the footwell (yeah, it protects that too), and you're good to go. When you're done, it rolls up into a convenient pouch that tucks right into your glove box.

Now, we know there are other car seat covers out there. That's why we wrote a complete guide for parents – check it out here.

See Soccersac in action on our product page - Soccersac





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