Should I use a car seat protector in my car?

Should I use a car seat protector in my car?

3 simple reasons for using a car seat protector in your car:

1. You don't want to spend your spare time cleaning your car seats every time they get spoiled with dirt, spills, food or mud.

2. You don't want to keep paying out on cleaners or carwashes to clean your car seats when they get dirty e.g. shampoos, fabric cleaners

3. You can easily carry other passengers without fear of your dirty car seat staining their clothes


For busy parents ... why specifically should you use a car seat protector in your car?

Like the picture above used for this article, we were faced with the problem of a wet, muddy and cold 6 year old needing to be transported home after playing in a muddy field.

By having waterproof seat protectors, we were able to quickly and easily transport muddy Nicholas home without the car seats getting covered in wet mud.

Once home, we removed the protector, shook off the mud and then hung it up to dry.

Don't have any kids ... here are some other reasons why you should consider a car seat protector?

We've got these suggestions from customer feedback:

1. taking a trip to the recycling dump - one of our customers wanted to transport their empty bottles without any spillages on their seats!

2. carry a new plant from the garden centre

3. as a kneeler when rolled up

You can read more about other uses here  👉

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